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On the Lifelong Learning Podcast, host Kate Nesi, wife, mother, runner, frugal mom$ter, and librarian, shares her experiences in the continuous pursuit of lifelong learning. Topics include frugal personal finance, family, marriage, making and creating, health and fitness, running, and continuing the growth mindset throughout life.

May 6, 2018

On this episode of The Lifelong Learning Podcast, I share some of my latest fears doing the show and all about fermenting various types of yeast. Whether you're looking to make a fresh homemade pizza, a loaf of bread, or working with SCOBYs like Kombucha and Kefir you'll want to hear some of the great tips for keeping the yeast happy on this episode! In addition, I share my experiences getting into fermentation with champagne yeast when making hard ciders.

If you have experience with different types of yeast, I'd love to hear your thoughts or what you've experienced. Please leave a comment on the show notes page or send me an email at kate @

Links from the episode:

Seed Mat Warmers

Gallon Jugs


Kefir Grains

Champagne Yeast

Active Dry Yeast